• The plan is intended to establish the basic elements of an accident prevention program, establish standard HSE practices, maintain a safe working environment for all employees on the jobsite, and reaffirm the employees by all team members will be effective deterrent accidents. It is the expectation that every employee on the project will be able to work without being injured. All team members are responsible for each other’s well being on the site. No job is working performing in an unsafe manner

  • The purpose of this document is two folds: a) to establish guidelines/ standards and assign specific responsibilities for the implementation and administration of an accident prevention program; b) to provide a basic HSE plan (hereafter referred as the “plan”) that assist the project and its sub-contractors in the recognition, evaluation, and control of hazardous activities and/or conditions within their respective areas of responsibility

  • The provisions of the plan apply to all employees, visitors, sub- contractors, and other employees



    Golden Workshop Electromechanical Works & Maint. shall make available first aid kit, as required by regulation in plant office and job sites


    Golden Workshop Electromechanical Works & Maint. shall conduct job hazard evaluations for the work operations. The evaluations shall be proactive in identifying, evaluations, and controlling hazards that may cause harm to employees, visitors, or the public during construction. Evaluations shall be updated and documented safety concerns be revalidated on a regular basis. All employees shall notify of the existence of any sub-standard conditions, activities, or equipment in their work area. Their supervisors shall ensure those hazards are corrected immediately to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their people


    Golden Workshop Electromechanical Works & Maint shall perform periodic evaluations to determine their proactive implementation of the plan. The safety compliance officer will perform periodic audits of the activities to ensure proper compliance with the HSE plan, and national and local regulations


    The project standards outlined in the HSE procedures in this plan national and local regulation shall be considered as minimum requirements and shall be used by Golden Workshop Electromechanical Works & Maint. as the basis to develop unique HSE procedures to meet the project and specific conditions. Safety and health procedures and the plan shall be living documents that may require additions and alteration from time to time, due to changing conditions. All employees and sub-contractors working on project will be required to follow these procedures while performing work


    The emergency procedures are resident in the HSE plan. The procedures are use to establish a simple and functional guidance that can be followed in the event of an emergency. The procedures also addressed the role and responsibilities of the team members during emergency situations such as injury, fire, equipment or property damage, and unusual weather


    • Crisis management (0 – 30 minutes)

    • Call for local emergency (999/ Ambulance)

    • Initiate safety action/ evacuation

    • Move to predetermined assembly location

    • Assess magnitude/ impacts of the emergency

    • Gather facts of the Incident- Who, What, Where, Why

    • Determine the scope of the emergency



    This section identifies those safeties and health requirements shall applicable to all employees and sub-contractors and visitors to the site. Adequate training shall be provided for all employees for their work. Activities such training shall be documented and other training that might apply to the specific work activities. Employees who receive assignments that are not understood have an obligation to request additional information and further clarification before they start their work


    In case of personal injury, illness, equipment accident, or near- miss no matter how slight, all team members shall report the incident immediately to their supervisor. If absence is caused by further developments of the injury after leaving work, a report should be made b phone or message to their supervisors


    All personal vehicles shall be observing the established road regulation plus any specific site rules declared. All vehicle drivers shall possess a current driving license. Speed limit and traffic signs shall be rigidly observed by all personnel. Where weather or other conditions dictate, additional precautions must be taken


    • Individuals with long hair shall confine in a manner so as not to risk injury when working near moving equipment or machinery

    • Loose or heavy jewellery such as watches, bracelets, medallions, and rings can cause severe injury when caught in machinery. It is strongly recommended that these not be worn in the work areas

    • Plant workers are required to wear Golden Electro Mechanical Contracting uniforms appropriate for the work being performed. Clothing soaked with grease, paint, thinner, solvents, or similar material should not continue to worn


    All visitors will be issued with personal protective equipment by the construction contractor which they are associated with


    • Personal protective equipment including hard hats, sturdy leather work shoes, and safety glasses shall be worn by all personnel on the plant and on the jobsite except when in parking lots, offices, designated change or lunch room, or when operating a vehicle or machine with a fully enclosed cab. The exempt areas are void when a hazard exists or manual work is being performed in the excepted area

    • Worn or damaged personal protective equipment shall be replaced at once. It’s the responsibility of individual employees to clean and maintain their personal protective equipment and clothing. In instances where a question arises concerning appropriate personal protective equipment, the safe coordinator will be consulted for a determination as to the suitability and conformance of specific equipments


    Signs and tags shall be in conformance with the applicable regulations


    All employees shall obey the approved safety tagging and lockout procedure


    • Employees shall be required to report damaged and worn tools to their supervisor

    • Damaged or worn tools shall be taken out of service and tagged inappropriate. They should then be disposed off or correctly sharpened and/or repaired

    • Tools shall not be altered in any way and shall be operated in accordance with manufacturing specifications

    • Care should be taken that tools such as saws and grinders have the designed guards in place during their operation

    • All grinding wheels, wire brushes, and flapper wheels shall be rated for the grinder on which they will be used

    • Compressed air should only be used for air-drivel tools and such other safe applications. Compressed air shall not be discharged against any part of the body of any person, or used to blow dust off clothes. These practices can cause serious injury

    • Air line hoses for tools and other equipment shall be secured together to preclude uncontrolled whipping in the event that couplings become separated while under pressure

    • Air supply lines shall be protected from damage, inspected, and maintained in good condition. Approved safety check valves must be installed at the manifold outlet of each line, all bull hoses shall be secured with safety chains or equivalent

    • Powder actuated tools, no person shall use or allowed to use an explosive powdered tool unless that person is trained and licensed. The user shall provide evidence of training/licensing upon request, and shall display the proper safety signs and give correct warning of all firing. Eye (including a face shield) and protection shall be used when operating of personal protective equipment

    • Electrical equipment and activities all portable, semi portable, and transportable electrical power tools, equipment, leads, GFCI, etc., shall be correctly inspected and certified as safe by a qualified electrician and filled with the appropriate compliance tag each quarter

    • Electrical hand tools should be double insulated or grounded

    • Welding/ gas and electrical welders engaged in electric and gas welding shall wear the appropriate protective masks, hoods, and goggles in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards. Aprons, gauntlets, and welding spats shall be worn by welders where there is danger of injury from hot material

    • Welding machines and gas bottles shall be turned off and hoses disconnected whenever the job is complete and/or unattended. Gas welding equipment shall be inspected before use and all connection kept tight and secure. Equipment should be placed away form floor openings, edge of platform, etc., and all hoses and leads kept clear of walkway

    • Gas bottles shall be stored in an upright position with caps installed and adequately secured

    • The gauges shall be removed and caps installed when the gas are not being work used. Oxygen and acetylene cylinders shall be stored at least 10 meters apart


  • All cranes, hoists, motor vehicles, elevator, and heavy equipment shall be inspected before use on each shift

  • Operator of such equipment shall keep inspection records. All material handling equipment shall be certified/ inspected as required by regulatory agencies

  • Cranes and other lifting equipment shall be inspected daily by other operator and recorded in a daily inspection log. All defects or repairs needed shall be recorded on the log


  • Trenching and excavation work cannot be commenced on site unless an excavation permit has been submitted and when approved by the site project manager or designee

  • Combustion engines shall not be operating in or near any trenches or excavations in which personnel have to work. The only exception will be small compactors used in well-ventilated excavations


  • Work activities shall be conducted in such a manner as to prevent the possibility of a fire hazard or fire, in accordance with program procedures and regulatory standards


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